Barry,Just seen your photos of the great grey shrike. Absolutely stunning. the best i`ve ever seen I think. The others aren`t bad either of Dunlin, barn owl etc. well done.
alan Cripps

The blog!

Am I the first to 'find' this? All the best with this and your Sponsored Birdwatch in the coming year. I look forward to visiting regularly, promoting both this and the 'watch as the year progresses - and being gripped off all too often!
Peter E. Hutchins

Your new website

Hi Barry, I love your new website! I'm looking forward to the Site Guides too :-) Happy birding in 2014. Regards, Marie
Marie Hale

web site

Good luck with the web-site - I look forward to the site guide.

I e-mailed shortly after we moved to Hampshire 2 years ago and I have continued to follow the blog. Shame about QPR- even bigger shame about Wolves!
jim meikle

Vyne site opening in winter

Hi Barry,
I notice in the fifth paragraph of your site guide to The Vyne you mention that our grounds are closed in winter. From 2014 onwards the estate is open to the public 363 days a year and only closed on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Could you update your site guide to reflect this.
Many thanks and also thank you for promoting the Vyne NT on your birding site. Do pop in sometime and say hello at Visitor reception. I'm usually about somewhere on the property.
Geoff Smith